To provide strength, power, and a unified voice for women and children caught in crisis in America's courts.


The fact that family courts in every U.S. state routinely remove children from safe, loving homes only to order them placed in abusive environments has long been hidden behind courtroom and DSS/CPS doors.
     Whether it be placement in the full custody of a documented abuser, into an unsafe DSS foster home, or in a state-run youth facility, the bottom line is that family court judges, attorneys, and government agencies have learned to very efficiently and without consequence capitalize upon the suffering of children and families on an unimaginably massive scale. The normal human reaction of disbelief which pervades the public
arena is their strongest insurance against exposure.
     We encourage the use of information provided on this site to educate individuals, communities, and the Media as to the unconscionable goings-on in family courts across the country and to effect change at every level.


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