To provide strength, power, and a unified voice for women and children caught in crisis in America's courts.

 (further explained in our OPEN MESSAGE)

"To provide strength, power, and a  unified voice for women and children caught in crisis in America’s courts."

1. To empower victims of domestic violence to retain and exercise their right to protect and parent their children.

2. To educate and assist women in protecting themselves and their children against domestic violence, legal abuse, and developmentally inappropriate custody arrangements.

3. To encourage and effect responsibility and reform in the handling of domestic violence and child abuse cases by law enforcement agencies, family and criminal courts, and social welfare agencies.

4. To educate the Public regarding the trend towards fit, loving mothers and other protective caretakers losing custody to their own (or their children’s) abusers and/or to the social welfare system, which receives financial rewards from federal and state government coffers for the removal of children from their natural families, all too often with blatant disregard for said children’s safety and well being.

5. To collaborate with legal, medical, and mental health professionals in working to enlighten the media, legislators, and the judiciary about schemes which minimize and downplay the effects of domestic violence and child abuse, and, in fact, often reward perpetrators of the above crimes.

6. To encourage and support local and state coalitions in order to effect reform in local, state, and federal government programs and laws in the handling of domestic violence, child abuse, custody, and child welfare issues.

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