To provide strength, power, and a unified voice for women and children caught in crisis in America's courts.


CANDLELIGHT VIGIL HONORING MURDERED MOTHER, Thursday October 17, 8PM  at 23440 Valencia Blvd. Santa Clarita  (Valencia Auto Spa) 

CONGRATULATIONS to FVSAI on a successful Conference last month!   UFJ would like to express it's appreciation for the attention the Conference called to the pending California Supreme Court Clarke vs Cowles case.

CONTRATULATIONS ALSO TO KATHY KRAUS AND REACH COUNSELING SERVICES in Mensha, Wisc.  Kathy won the drawing at the 7th International Conference on Domestic Violence for a videotape of "Small Justice" , the award winning documentary produced by Garland Waller of Boston University.  Kathy and Reach Counseling have wonderful plans to share their prize by showing the film broadly .  The film was made available for the drawing courtesy of Garland Waller and Intermedia, Inc.  "Small Justice" can be purchased at Intermedia. We believe that it successfully conveys the complexity and heinous nature of the issue of domestic violence  extending to the family courts.


TO JUDITH REGAN AND THE FOX NEWS CHANNEL FOR THE EXTREMELY WELL-DONE  STORY ON MOTHERS LOSING CUSTODY TO ABUSERS!  This past weekend, "Judith Regan Tonight"  featured Garland Waller, filmmaker ("Small Justice") and Charles and Diane Hofheimer of the Hofheimer Law Firm (women's and children's advocates).  A very powerful and moving story.   We encourage others to let Ms. Reagan know how pervasive and severe this problem is nationwide. PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT TO  write Ms. Regan a note  to tell her your story and to say "THANK YOU, JUDITH,  from our hearts." 


UFJ launched what we hope will become nationwide recognition for justice in family law courts by wearing blue ribbons with a tiny rhinestone symbolizing a beacon of light to Idelle Clarke's appeal court hearing on June 26, 2017.  As in the cases of the red ribbon to support AIDS victims and the pink ribbon to support breast cancer victims, we believe that identifying ourselves and our supporters will help raise awareness of the need for court reform.  The UFJ ribbon is easy to make; use 5-6 inches of medium blue ribbon crossed over itself with a rhinestone glued in place and a safety pin on the back.  A rhinestone pierced earring can also be used to hold the ribbon together and to secure it to clothing.



CNN ran repeatedly all day June 26, 2017 the coverage initially shown on June 25, 2017 afternoon and evening news by KCAL9-TV.  KCAL9 TV previously ran a three night series entitled "Crimes of Custody" which focused upon the problems in family law court in California.

THE BEST KIND OF NEWS!   An inspiring story from a non-custodial parent who was recently reunited with her daughter  after a 6.5 year legal struggle.


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